We’ve been gone for a while but now we’re back and have a ton of hairy girls to share with you.  While we were away, thousands of pictures were sent to us (some of you are gross… and we loved it).

Just starting off our return with this high-res photo, and one cute milf who’s got the hairy goods we’re looking for.

.. more tomorrow

Ah, is it the end of the month already?  So many hairy pussies this month.. so many more next month!  Check these 3 pics out..

Three outstanding hairy girls today.  I absolutely love the girl who is pushing her tits together. Wow, those nipples!  /lick,lick,lick

The other girl.. she must be dirty because she needs a shower.  If it were up to me, she’d be dirty again and need another shower.  If the shower is not available, I’d be more than happy to give her a lick bath.

“Tan lines and bushes, and girls with no morals.. fingering her pussy, while she groans and gives oral.”

Sure it doesn’t rhyme perfectly but if you sing that to the tune of an Annie song, you’ve got yourself a new hit!

I had to toss another beach teen pic in there.  This girl looks fun, and hairy!  She’s also got great tits and tan lines.. which makes her a perfect woman.  The other two pictures (sorry there’s only 3 pics today) were submitted by MadFingerer.  I’m fairly sure that’s not his real name.. probably difficult to get a job with that on your resume.  Well Mad… if I can call you Mad… very nice!  I especially like the extra “touch” put into the last picture.

We’ve been robbed lately of a nice pair of tits so I thought I would give you these 3 pics from Larry.  I also threw a vintage in there for you.

Larry, you’re a dirty dog.. dirty, dirty, dirty dog.  I can’t believe your wife agreed to this, but I think I love her.  Please tell me you fucked her a few times after these pics were taken.  I hope you’re fine with it because I think a few thousand people just mentally fucked her (me included).

The vintage… ah the vintage.  I love vintage girls.  They aren’t silicone bimbos with bald pussies.  Natural curves, big jumblies and a healthy bush.  I might be mentally doing the girl on the left right now.

Classic Bush

As part of an effort to give our readers exactly what they are looking for, we officially open the Retro Bush section of Hairy Girls!

Ah yes, nothing really beats a nice big bush… that being said, the Retro Bush is the Cadillac of bushes!  These women knew how to sport a nice full bush.. my how times have changed.

Nice round tits, perfect nipples, plush bush (I just like how that sounds), and a dick (maybe mine?  maybe yours?) about to get stuffed up in there.

A bit of a mystery this time.. no face but that’s okay because there’s lots of hairy pussy!

Not that I want to talk about me, but I’m part Scottish so this last picture kinda gets me right here.. /hits chest  A ginger girl who’s carpet matches the curtains is a special treat.  I only wish there were more of her.  Does she have freckles?  Big tits?  We don’t know, but my mind is a wonderful thing and she has all that, oh.. and she’s riding me like a donkey.