Patricia B from Abby Winters

Abby Winters Model Patricia B

Patricia B, age 20

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Patricia B from Abby Winters is most impressive, with her amazing breasts, cute little bum, and nice hairy bush!

She is another example of a beautiful teen model who hasn’t shaved herself bald.  Unlike one of her previous co-models of Abby Winters that we have previously shown (Alison J), she has let her pubes grow naturally wild but not anything crazy, like down her legs or anything like that.  Still bikini friendly but definitely 80′s style.. which we at Hairy Girls love!  Patricia B is an all-round natural girl.. the next-door type of girl that most of us fantasize about.  Nice, big, round breasts with amazing perky nipples.

It shouldn’t go without mentioning though that this girl is beautiful too!  She’s got a smile that can melt your heart and an innocents that seals the deal.  Where were girls like this when I was 20?????

We took a few pictures from one of her photo sets however she has a few more, and some of them are incredibly hot!  One of them, which I hope we can post at a later date, she’s with another Abby Teens model named Kamila.. well, let me put it this way, it’s in their Intimate Moments section.  Anyway, here are some pictures for you to enjoy..

So, this is the amazing Patricia B but there’s so much more than I could show you.  I’d love more than nothing than to post all of her pictures however there are those pesky laws and then the police come.. and I don’t like the cavity search (again).  If you want to see more of her you can visit Abby Winters and check out their Members area, which is free to browse. Please note that while they let you in for free, you will have to pay to see the videos (which I highly recommend, especially of Patricia B) and to see the full, high quality version of their pictures.

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