I’m not sure where she’s from, but I’m pretty sure I want to visit there.

It’s not that I only like hairy girls… I like all girls, a little hair just makes me know I’m not fucking someone too young.

I love it when a sexy teen with tan lines poses for pictures.. I love it even more when she’s got a health teen bush to show us too!  This girl is hot.. just plain hot!  Even better, she gives us a view from all angles too.  Me likes.

What more can I say other than… wow, vintage bush!  This hair amateur teen was sent in by Steve…

Steve, you’re a dirty boy.. I love you.  Vintage bush, toys, object insertion… why didn’t you give her the ski pole?  (the one in the first picture, not yours…. well, maybe yours too).

These images makes me want to listen to Platinum Blonde and fuck the shit out of my girlfriend.  Hmm.. not a bad idea, got to run!

Check out today’s hotties.. these hairy girls are awesome!

The first image is a collage that a reader sent in.. he says he’s got tons more and will keep blessing us with his handy work.  I can’t wait!

The last 4 images are more reader submitted images.. I’m not sure if this is the guys girlfriend or not but who cares… wow!  She’s not super hairy or anything like that but I love the trim job… hmm, trim job sounds a lot like rim job.

Gretchen, age 21

Sets: 11 (1396 images) | Videos: 20 (5 hours 20 minutes) | Join: Abby Winters

If you like Hairy Girls, which I do by the way, then Gretchen from Abby Winters is the girl for you!

The art of teasing isn’t lost on Gretchen!  This nerdy girl is awesome!  She’s every nerdy guy’s dream girl… and non-nerdy guys too!  Gretchen strips down to her naked beautiful self and shows you a lovely hairy bush and cute butt.  Showing isn’t all she does though!  Gretchen likes to stick a few fingers in and toy as well! [click to continue…]

Patricia B, age 20

Sets: 4 (130 images) | Videos: 4 (58:56 minutes) | Join: Abby Winters

Patricia B from Abby Winters is most impressive, with her amazing breasts, cute little bum, and nice hairy bush!

She is another example of a beautiful teen model who hasn’t shaved herself bald.  Unlike one of her previous co-models of Abby Winters that we have previously shown (Alison J), she has let her pubes grow naturally wild but not anything crazy, like down her legs or anything like that.  Still bikini friendly but definitely 80′s style.. which we at Hairy Girls love!  Patricia B is an all-round natural girl.. the next-door type of girl that most of us fantasize about.  Nice, big, round breasts with amazing perky nipples. [click to continue…]

Name: Alison J | Age: 20 | Pictures: 206 | Videos: 1 (15:34 minutes)
Join: Abby Winters

Absolutely lovely!  Alison J is a beautiful teen model from Abby Winters and is a pleasure to look at.  She’s a bit of a tease too!  The photo shoot starts off with Alison posing in some provocative positions, giving us some panty crotch shots. This girl has it all.. she’s a gorgeous brunette with sexy tan lines, a pierced nipple, an amazing ass, and yes enough hair to make her qualify as one of our favorite hairy girls.

Alison J doesn’t have a massive bush or anything like that, just a nicely trimmed bush and a killer body!  What makes Alison J a perfect 10 is her ability to tease, her firm round breasts, those sexy tan lines and eyes that stare right into your soul. There are several pictures of her cupping her breasts and squeezing them.. which is very hot to see. [click to continue…]